Advances in International Applied Mathematics

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Advances in International Applied Mathematics. 2021; 3: (1) ; 10.12208/j.aam.20210003 .

A Note on Twin Prime Numbers

作者: 胡泽春 *

四川大学数学学院 四川成都

*通讯作者: 胡泽春,单位:四川大学数学学院 四川成都;


引用本文: 胡泽春 关于孪生素数的一个注记[J]. 国际应用数学进展, 2021; 3: (1) : 42-51.
Published: 2021/12/14 18:09:13



关键词: 孪生素数;孪生素数猜想


In this note, we make some discussions about the number sequence {Sn}, where Sn is the sum of the n th pair of twin prime numbers (we regard (3,5) as the first pair). We will introduce several conjectures on the sequence {Sn}, one of which is a stronger version of twin prime number conjecture.

Key words: Twin Prime Number; Twin Prime Number Conjecture

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