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International Journal of Education. 2019; 1: (1) 5; DOI:10.12208/j.ije.20190005 .

The Status Quo and Development of Contemporary Youth Moral Education

作者: 杨怀保*,


*通讯作者: 杨怀保,单位:湘潭大学;

引用本文: 杨怀保*,. 当代青少年道德教育的现状和发展[J]. 国际教育学, 2019; 1: (1) : 15-18.
Published: 2019/8/8 9:06:27



关键词: 青少年,道德教育,全球化


In the nine-year compulsory education, the school plays a vital role. The teacher acts as the implementer and delivers ideological education, political education, behavioral education, etc. to the students. However, schools and teachers still adhere to the educational policy of light moral education, heavy education and light practice. In the family, there are also misunderstandings in the concept and means of parents educating their children, bringing more new problems to the moral education of young people. . The 21st century youth life is affected by various kinds of information, such as true or false information, in the era of economic development and rapid development of information technology. Therefore, moral education for young people is crucial. With the trend of globalization becoming more and more obvious, the influence of foreign cultural intrusion and fragmentation information has made the ideological education of young people more and more important. As a cornerstone of the motherland, the moral education of adolescents has become an important issue. This thesis studies and analyzes the moral education of adolescents and finds that there are many problems in the moral education of adolescents. Based on this, this paper proposes ways and means to improve moral education for young people.

Key words: youth, moral education, globalization

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