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International Journal of Clinical Research. 2020; 4: (1) ; 10.12208/j.ijcr.20200011 .

Based on the theory of yin and yang transformation to explore the experience of Professor He Fengjie on the treatment of ovulatory infertility

作者: 蔡竞, 肖新春*, 杨丽丽, 万佩宇

陕西中医药大学附属医院 陕西咸阳

陕西中医药大学 陕西咸阳

*通讯作者: 肖新春,单位:陕西中医药大学 陕西咸阳;

引用本文: 蔡竞, 肖新春, 杨丽丽, 万佩宇 基于阴阳转化理论探讨贺丰杰教授补肾调周法治疗排卵障碍性不孕的经验[J]. 国际临床研究杂志, 2020; 4: (1) : 37-40.
Published: 2020/10/14 17:56:52



关键词: 排卵障碍性不孕;补肾调周法;经验探讨


This article introduces Professor He Fengjie's experience in treating ovulation dysfunction infertility. Ovulation dysfunction infertility is based on kidney deficiency. The instructor treats such diseases on the basis of invigorating the kidney and replenishing essence. According to the characteristics of the transformation of kidney yin and yang at different stages of follicular development, prescriptions and medicine have been used for treatment, and very significant effects have been achieved.

Key words: Ovulatory Dysfunction Infertility; The Method of Invigorating the Kidney and Regulating the Week; Exploration of Experience

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