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International Journal of Education. 2024; 6: (1) ; 10.12208/j.ije.20240003 .

Analysis of the current situation and countermeasures of football teaching in universities under the new situation

作者: 王珺 *

武汉华夏理工学院 湖北武汉

*通讯作者: 王珺,单位:武汉华夏理工学院 湖北武汉;

引用本文: 王珺 新形势下高校足球教学现状及对策分析[J]. 国际教育学, 2024; 6: (1) : 8-10.
Published: 2024/3/19 10:13:24



关键词: 新形势;高校;足球;教学;对策


Currently, physical education in ordinary higher education institutions in China is undergoing continuous exploration and practice. It should be optimized according to the actual needs of modern students to make its curriculum content more comprehensive. Promote the prosperous development of football education in universities through innovative means. A series of activities have been carried out on university campuses, cultivating a group of outstanding university students. At present, football education in Chinese universities still faces some problems, such as a change in educational concepts, a lack of teaching staff, and poor equipment allocation for teaching. Reforming football education in ordinary higher education institutions is in line with the requirements of contemporary student football education.

Key words: New situation; Universities; Football; Teaching; countermeasure

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