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International Journal of Clinical Research. 2023; 7: (1) ; 10.12208/j.ijcr.20230004 .

Research progress on the correlation between hypertension and erectile dysfunction

作者: 徐思颖, 冯颖青*,

暨南大学附属珠海医院(珠海市人民医院) 广东珠海

*通讯作者: 冯颖青,单位:暨南大学附属珠海医院(珠海市人民医院) 广东珠海;

引用本文: 徐思颖, 冯颖青, 高血压与勃起功能障碍的相关性研究进展[J]. 国际临床研究杂志, 2023; 7: (1) : 10-12.
Published: 2023/1/13 16:12:43



关键词: 高血压;勃起功能障碍;机制预测


Erectile dysfunction (ED), as a common and intractable disease in today's society, has a high incidence rate not only in middle-aged and elderly men, but also in young men. The current research widely believes that ED is a vascular disease, which is closely related to the occurrence of hypertension. This review summarizes the current pathogenesis of hypertension and ED, which has certain guiding significance for the clinical diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hypertension patients with ED in the future.

Key words: Hypertension; Erectile dysfunction; Mechanism prediction

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