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International Journal of Education. 2022; 4: (4) ; 10.12208/j.ije.20220142 .

Exploring the innovative path of the teaching of electronic and electrical engineering in secondary vocational schools

作者: 周建梅*,

江苏省建湖中等专业学校 江苏盐城

*通讯作者: 周建梅,单位:江苏省建湖中等专业学校 江苏盐城;

引用本文: 周建梅, 探析中职电子电工专业教学的创新路径[J]. 国际教育学, 2022; 4: (4) : 62-64.
Published: 2022/8/31 21:18:01



关键词: 中职电子电工;专业教学;创新路径


The development of society has promoted the development of the electronics industry to a large extent, so it has put forward higher requirements for the quality and quantity of talents. Vocational colleges are important places for cultivating electronic and electrical professionals. They need to keep pace with the development of the times, give full play to their important value in talent training, and strive to cultivate more applied technical talents needed by society. At present, vocational colleges are bound by traditional education and teaching ideas, and the teaching mode adopted is relatively conservative and outdated, and it is difficult to cultivate high-level and high-quality talents. Professional teaching, to promote the improvement of the level of personnel training.

Key words: secondary vocational electronic and electrician; professional teaching; innovation path

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