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International Journal of Clinical Research. 2022; 6: (10) ; 10.12208/j.ijcr.20220420 .

The clinical effect of the mode of joint participation in the process of nursing care for mothers and infants in the same room

作者: 王美亭*,

河北中石油中心医院新生儿科 河北廊坊

*通讯作者: 王美亭,单位:河北中石油中心医院新生儿科 河北廊坊;

引用本文: 王美亭, 母婴同室新生儿护理过程中行共同参与护理模式的临床效果[J]. 国际临床研究杂志, 2022; 6: (10) : 28-30.
Published: 2022/9/15 12:59:58


目的 观察母婴同室新生儿护理过程中行共同参与护理模式的临床效果。方法 选择我院2021.06——2022.06期间在院新生儿作为本次统计对象,共计80名建立回顾统计。于入院顺序时间不同分出常规组(2021.06——2021.12)、实验组(2022.01——2021.06)每组40例,全部开展母婴同室新生儿护理。常规组中落实常规程序下新生儿日常护理,实验组中落实共同参与护理模式下新生儿日常护理,比较两组安全管理事故发生率、家属护理满意度、护理质量评分。结果 相较常规组,实验组安全管理事故发生率更低,P<0.05。相较常规组,实验组家属护理满意度、护理质量评分更高,P<0.05。结论 母婴同室新生儿护理中开展共同参与护理模式可维护新生儿的安全管理,加强护理质量,建议推广应用。

关键词: 共同参与护理;母婴同室;新生儿;护理效果


Objective To observe the clinical effect of the joint participation nursing mode in the process of nursing care for mothers and infants in the same room.
Methods: a total of 80 newborns in our hospital from June 2021 to June 2022 were selected as the statistical objects for this survey. The routine group (2021.06-2021.12) and the experimental group (2022.01-2021.06) were divided into 40 cases in each group according to the sequence and time of admission. All of them carried out the same room neonatal care. The routine nursing of newborns under the routine procedure was implemented in the routine group, and the routine nursing of newborns under the joint participation nursing mode was implemented in the experimental group. The incidence of safety management accidents, family nursing satisfaction and nursing quality scores were compared between the two groups.
Results: compared with the conventional group, the incidence of safety management accidents in the experimental group was lower (P < 0.05). Compared with the routine group, the scores of nursing satisfaction and nursing quality of the family members in the experimental group were higher (P < 0.05).
Conclusion  : the joint participation nursing model in the nursing of newborn in the same room of mother and baby can maintain the safety management of newborn and strengthen the quality of nursing. It is suggested to popularize and apply it.

Key words: Joint Participation In Nursing; Mother and Baby in the Same Room; Newborn; Nursing Effect

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