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International Journal of Nursing Research. 2022; 4: (6) ; 10.12208/j.ijnr.20220288 .

Application research of high-quality nursing service concept in ophthalmic nursing work

作者: 姚静*,

安徽省滁州市中西医结合医院 安徽滁州

*通讯作者: 姚静,单位:安徽省滁州市中西医结合医院 安徽滁州;

引用本文: 姚静, 优质护理服务理念在眼科护理工作中的应用研究[J]. 国际护理学研究, 2022; 4: (6) : 140-142.
Published: 2022/9/15 9:35:45


目的 此次对眼科护理进行详细研究,将优质护理服务理念实施在眼科患者中,通过筛选研究对象,简列相关数据,验证此护理模式的有效性、可行性。方法 对本院2020年1月1日-2022年12月31日期间眼科收治的166例患者进行研究分析,把166例患者平均分为两组(甲组为研究组,乙组为参照组)甲组运用优质护理服务,乙组运用常规护理,并将相关数据列出表格,进行对比并总结。结果 甲组护理效果尤为突出,得到患者高度肯定,对护理工作的满意度高达100%,其护理后患者心理状态明显缓解,抑郁和焦虑评分有所降低,生活质量和运动功能有所提高,且患者的依从性较高,可达到97.59%,引用统计学予以计算,较乙组各数据,差异性较大且意义成立P<0.05。结论 将优质护理服务理念应用在眼科患者的护理中,护理效果显佳且安全性较高,可大幅缓解患者不良心理情绪,明显提升了患者的生活质量,且提高了患者的依从性以及对护理工作的满意度,达到有效提高整体治疗效果的目的,对其预后也发挥着积极作用,提倡推广,建议临床大规模应用此护理方案。

关键词: 优质护理;眼科护理;工作中应用;研究


Objective: To conduct a detailed study on ophthalmic nursing, implement the concept of high-quality nursing service in ophthalmic patients, and verify the effectiveness and feasibility of this nursing model by screening the research objects and briefly listing relevant data.
Methods: The 166 patients admitted to the ophthalmology department of our hospital from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2022 were studied and analyzed, and the 166 patients were equally divided into two groups (group A was the research group, and group B was the reference group). Group A used high-quality nursing services, and group B used routine nursing, and the relevant data were listed in a table for comparison and summary.
Results: The nursing effect of group A was particularly outstanding, which was highly affirmed by patients, and the satisfaction with nursing work was as high as 100%. The patient's compliance was high, reaching 97.59%. Statistics were used for calculation. Compared with the data of group B, the difference was larger and the significance was established P<0.05.
Conclusion  : Applying the concept of high-quality nursing service in the nursing of ophthalmic patients, the nursing effect is good and the safety is high, which can greatly relieve the bad psychological emotions of patients, significantly improve the quality of life of patients, and improve the compliance of patients and the need for nursing care. Job satisfaction can effectively improve the overall treatment effect, and it also plays a positive role in its prognosis. It is recommended to promote and recommend the large-scale clinical application of this nursing program.

Key words: Quality nursing; Ophthalmic nursing; Application in work; Research.

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