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Journal of Research in Primary and Secondary Education. 2022; 1: (2) ; 10.12208/j.jrpe.20220027 .

Problems in the probability of high school under the new college entrance examination

作者: 薛美琴*, 马青莲, 魏俊潮

扬州大学 江苏扬州

*通讯作者: 薛美琴,单位:扬州大学 江苏扬州;

引用本文: 薛美琴, 马青莲, 魏俊潮 新高考下高中概率中的问题[J]. 中小学教育研究, 2022; 1: (2) : 1-5.
Published: 2022/9/13 10:49:55



关键词: 概率;期望;图像结合


This paper mainly studies the probability expectation and K value problems that often occur in the college entrance examination, mainly the expectation and some simple applications of the binomial distribution, the distribution of discrete random variables and the normal distribution, and some conventional methods of the above models are given.

Key words: Probability; Expectation; Image Combination

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