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International Journal of Nursing Research. 2021; 3: (5) ; 10.12208/j.ijnr. 20210121 .

Analysis and Countermeasures of the Problems in Bed Allocation in A Third Class Grade A General Hospital

作者: 姚翠萍, 贾玉娥, 钟秋媚, 谢铄, 谢军, 王丽姿*,

南方医科大学珠江医院床位调配中心 广东广州

*通讯作者: 王丽姿,单位:南方医科大学珠江医院床位调配中心 广东广州;

引用本文: 王丽姿*,. 三甲综合医院床位调配中的问题分析和对策[J]. 国际护理学研究, 2021; 3: (5) : 18-20.
Published: 2021/10/27 16:33:34


目的 对三甲医院床位调配中存在的问题和对策进行梳理和总结。方法 通过对开展床位调配工作三年多来的过程进行分析,总结了在床位调配中存在对调配排斥、频繁转回本科室、调配患者随机来院、床位预约程度不足、调配患者过于分散、医生不能及时下达医嘱六个方面问题,并研究和实践了解决问题的对策。结果 共调配住院患者26705人次,呈逐年上升;2021年度与2020年度比较,信息化住院预约率提高64.37%,患者候床时间小于1天,转科率下降5.65%;调配患者满意度达到96.40%。结论 床位调配推行的全院一张床理念仍然需要不断深化,从多个层面和角度推行,并借助信息系统不断优化,从而加强床位管理向纵深方向发展。

关键词: 三甲综合医院床位调配床位管理;问题;对策


Objective To summarize the existing problems and countermeasures of bed allocation in a third class grade A general hospital.
Methods Through analysis based on the process of bed allocation in the past three years, problems including repulsive attitude towards bed deployment during the process, frequent transfer of patients across departments, random incoming of patients who needed to be allocated, deficient popularity of bed appointment, decentralizing deployment of patients, difficulty in issuing medical advice timely were summarized, countermeasures pointed at those problems were studied and put into practice.
Results A total of 26705 inpatients were deployed, which showed an increasing trend with each passing year;compared with 2020, the information- based inpatient appointment increased 64.37%, the waiting time of patients was less than 1 day, and the transfer rate across departments decreased 5.65%;the patient satisfaction rate reached 96.40%. Onclusion The concept of ‘one bed across the whole hospital’ prompted up by bed allocation still needed to be deepened and implemented from multiple levels and angles, and with the help of information system optimization, the development of bed management would be strengthened to the vertical depth.

Key words: Third Class Grade A General Hospital, Bed Allocation, Bed Management

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