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International Journal of Nursing Research. 2021; 3: (2) ; 10.12208/j.ijnr. 20210039 .

Systematic holistic care for tolerance management of a patient with new coronary pneumonia during nutritional support

作者: 黄迎春, 丁岚, 杨秀芳*,

中国人民解放军东部战区总医院第一派驻门诊部 江苏南京

中国人民解放军东部战区总医院普外科 江苏南京

中国人民解放军东部战区总医院疾病预防控制科 江苏南京

*通讯作者: 杨秀芳,单位:中国人民解放军东部战区总医院疾病预防控制科 江苏南京;

引用本文: 杨秀芳*,. 1例新冠肺炎患者营养支持期间耐受性管理的系统化整体护理[J]. 国际护理学研究, 2021; 3: (2) : 5-8.
Published: 2021/3/12 14:54:19



关键词: 新型冠状病毒肺炎;营养支持;不耐受;整合护理


Critically ill patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia have a rapid onset, rapid development, strong infectivity, and high fatality rate. Their insufficient nutritional intake and high metabolic consumption have caused the body to show symptoms such as impaired activity and malnutrition. How to optimize the nursing measures for patients with new coronavirus pneumonia through systematic holistic care, improve patient tolerance and body compliance, reduce the incidence of nutritional support-related complications, and promote patient recovery. This article summarizes a case of enteral nutrition intolerance, abdominal distension, diarrhea and incontinent dermatitis during the nutritional support period of a patient with novel coronavirus pneumonia. Through optimizing and integrating nursing, the nursing experience of effective nutritional support can be achieved.

Key words: New Coronavirus Pneumonia; Nutritional Support; Intolerance; Integrated Care

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