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International Journal of Nursing Research. 2021; 3: (1) ; 10.12208/j.ijnr. 20210003 .

Effect of copper span scraping therapy on relieving anxiety and depression in patients with mental disorders

作者: 叶君荣*, 李思珏, 肖爱祥, 韦红梅, 黄杏笑, 熊令辉, 袁乐欣, 于林, 吴升伟

广州医科大学附属脑科医院老年精神科 广东广州

广州医科大学附属脑科医院护理部 广东广州

广州医科大学附属脑科医院中医科 广东广州

*通讯作者: 叶君荣,单位:广州医科大学附属脑科医院老年精神科 广东广州;

引用本文: 吴升伟. 铜砭刮痧疗法对缓解精神障碍患者焦虑、抑郁症状效果观察[J]. 国际护理学研究, 2021; 3: (1) : 10-14.
Published: 2020/12/29 18:17:24


目的 探讨铜砭刮痧疗法缓解抑郁症患者焦虑、抑郁症状的临床效果。方法 选取住院精神障碍患者96例,随机分为治疗组与对照组,每组48例,对照组采用常规护理的方法,实验组在常规护理方法的基础上,另给予铜砭刮痧治疗。结果 两组患者干预后脉率、收缩压和舒张压的平均值、汉密尔顿抑郁量表(HAMD)评分、汉密尔顿焦虑量表(HAMA)评分均较治疗前显著降低(P<0.05),且实验组明显低于对照组(P<0.05)。结论 铜砭刮痧疗法能有效缓解精神障碍患者焦虑、抑郁症状,值得临床推广。

关键词: 铜砭刮痧;精神障碍;焦虑;抑郁


Objective: To explore the clinical effect of copper span scraping therapy in relieving anxiety and depression symptoms in patients with depression.
Methods: Ninety-six inpatients with mental disorders were selected and randomly divided into treatment group and control group, 48 cases in each group. The control group was treated with conventional nursing methods, and the experimental group was treated with copper span scraping on the basis of conventional nursing methods.
Results: The pulse rate, average systolic and diastolic blood pressure, Hamilton Depression Scale (HAMD) score, and Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA) scores of the two groups of patients after intervention were significantly lower than before treatment (P<0.05). And the experimental group was significantly lower than the control group (P<0.05).
Conclusion  : The therapy of copper span scraping can effectively relieve the anxiety and depression symptoms of patients with mental disorders, and it is worthy of clinical promotion.

Key words: Copper Span Scraping; Mental Disorders; Anxiety; Depression

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