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International Journal of Education. 2021; 3: (1) ; 10.12208/j.ije.20210002 .

Evaluation of Website Construction of Normal Universities’ Organizational Identity (OI)

作者: 罗平*,


*通讯作者: 罗平,单位:西安外国语大学;

引用本文: 罗平*,. 师范大学网站组织身份构建的评估研究[J]. 国际教育学, 2021; 3: (1) : 19-26.
Published: 2021/1/18 11:24:29


本研究通过调查十五所师范大学的官方网站的大学简介及其134名潜在用户的相关需求,对这些网站构建的大学组织身份(organizational identity, OI)内容进行了评估。研究发现,在定义、特征、主题和意象方面,这些网站的大学身份内容较为全面和合适,而且和网站用户的期待基本契合。 其中,大学的教学科研是用户认为最重要的主题内容,也正是大学网站的身份构建中最受重视的内容。本研究还提出了构建网站的大学组织身份的建议。

关键词: 组织身份(OI),大学网站,网站评估


This study evaluated the web content of university OI with surveys of the universities’ introduction contents on the official websites of 15 national normal universities in China and their 134 potential users’ needs. It was found that the OI components of definitions, features, topics, and imageries were richly and appropriately constructed. As well, they were in agreement with these websites potential users’ expectations to a large extent. It was also identified that, on these websites, the theme of teaching and research was treated as the most important theme, which happened to be the most highly regarded topic by the users. Consequently, some suggestions were provided for constructing universities’ organizational identity on their websites.

Key words: organizational identity (OI), university websites, website evaluation

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