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Advances in International Finance. 2020; 2: (2) ; 10.12208/j.aif.20200005 .

Research on the innovation mode of "Internet plus logistics finance" based on Block chain

作者: 付琴, 周兴建*, 袁梦凡, 艾梓怡

武汉纺织大学 管理学院

湖北省高校人文社科研究基地 企业决策支持研究中心

*通讯作者: 周兴建,单位:湖北省高校人文社科研究基地 企业决策支持研究中心;

引用本文: 艾梓怡. 基于区块链的“互联网+物流金融”创新模式研究[J]. 国际金融进展, 2020; 2: (2) : 40-44.
Published: 2020/8/21 13:54:12



关键词: 区块链;互联网+物流金融;智能合约;信任机制


In view of the credit risk, market risk and supervision problems in the development of “Internet plus logistics finance”, Block chain technology is an effective measure to deal with its. Through the analysis of risk in the development of “Internet plus logistics finance”, Block chain technology can be used to control risks from two sides, namely reliability and validity. Based on the technologies of smart contract and distributed account, and the characteristics of data real and arbitrary tampering, the innovative models such as "Block chain + warehouse receipt pledge (pledge guarantee financing)", "Block chain + warehouse receipt pledge (credit guarantee financing)", "Block chain + confirming warehouse" can effectively control the credit risk and market risk of "Internet plus logistics finance", at the same time, the " Internet plus logistics finance” has implemented effective supervision. In addition, the implementation of the “Internet plus logistics finance” innovation mode based on Block chain also needs some measures, such as build a credit system based on the legal system, improve the institutional environment for the development of logistics finance, encourage the participation of the industry and actively cultivate compound talents.

Key words: block chain; Internet plus logistics finance; smart contract; trust mechanism

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