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International Journal of Nursing Research. 2020; 2: (5) ; 10.12208/j.ijnr.20200181 .

Correlation between cognitive status and emotion of adult students with COVID-19

作者: wn18790602279, 马安娜*, 朱杉杉, 王艳洁, 杨凤敏


新乡医学院第一附属医院 河南 新乡

*通讯作者: 马安娜,单位:新乡医学院;

引用本文: 杨凤敏. 成年学生对新冠病毒感染性肺炎的认知程度与情绪的相关性研究[J]. 国际护理学研究, 2020; 2: (5) : 583-587.
Published: 2020/8/25 17:49:10


目的 分析我国18岁以上的学生群体对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎(Coronavirus disease 2019,COVID-19)认知与其情绪状况的相关性,为有关机构采取相关健康干预措施提供参考资料。方法 在新型冠状病毒感染的攀升期,针对因疫情影响而延迟开学的在校学生采取线上发放问卷的方法进行调查。结果 在校大学生COVID-19知识问卷总分(74.82±4.76)分,水平较高,DASS-21情绪自评量表总分(20.23±16.07)分,学生新冠肺炎预防知识与DASS-21的压力维度具有显著性(P<0.05). 结论 新冠肺炎确诊病例不断攀升的背景下,学生对新冠肺炎关注度较高,对新冠肺炎知识了解较深入,负面情绪较小,对疫情当前局势较为乐观.

关键词: COVID-19;大学生;情绪;DASS-21量表


objective The research study the correlation between the cognition of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the mental status about adult students in china, so as to provide reference for relevant institutions to take relevant health intervention measures.
Methods in the period of the new coronavirus outbreak, the students who had delayed back to school due to the influence of the epidemic and were investigated by sending questionnaires online.
Results students COVID - 19 knowledge questionnaire scores (74.82-4.76), higher levels, DASS - 21 emotional self rating scale total score (20.23±16.07) points, students prevention knowledge of COVID-19 and DASS - 21 pressure dimensions have significant (P < 0.05)..
Conclusion  s under the background of the rising number of cases of the new champions league pneumonia, students pay more attention to the COVID-9 and have a deeper understanding of the knowledge of the prevention of COVID-9,more in-depth knowledge of the new champions league pneumonia, negative emotions is small, the current situation of epidemic diseases is more optimistic.

Key words: COVID-19;Adult Students;Mental;DASS-21 scale

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