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Advances in International Finance. 2020; 2: (1) 1; DOI: 10.12208/j.aif.20200001 .

The Influence of Asymmetric Information on the Management and Use of Social Medical Insurance Funds: Taking "The Fraud Case of Social Medical Insurance in Shenyang" as an Example

作者: 侯永梅*, 罗淑仪



*通讯作者: 侯永梅,单位:广东医科大学人文与管理学院心理学系;

引用本文: 罗淑仪. 信息不对称规律对社会医疗保险基金管理与使用的影响——以“沈阳骗保案”为例[J]. 国际金融进展, 2020; 2: (1) : 1-5.
Published: 2020/5/6 10:07:40



关键词: 社会医疗保险;基金;骗保;信息不对称;对策


As an important part of Social insurance, Social Medical Insurance has being reduced the burden on the medical expenses of Chinese people, brought protection, and played an important role in the stability and development of society. With the continuous increase in the participating rate of Social Medical Insurance, the amount of Social Medical Insurance Funds has being gradually grown, and some criminals have come up with the idea of defrauding Social Medical Insurance funds and put it into action, which is harm for the security and normal work of Medical insurance. In order to maintain the safety of Social Medical Insurance Funds, it is imperative to crack down on the frauds. This article focused on the sensational Fraud Case of Social Medical Insurance in Shenyang, taking this case as an example, analyze the influence of asymmetric information on the management and use of Social Medical Insurance Funds. Therefore, countermeasures are available for reference, which is hoped to give the benefits to the security of Social Medical Insurance.

Key words: Social Medical Insurance; Funds; Fraud; Asymmetric Information; Countermeasure

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