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Advances in International Finance. 2019; 1: (2) 4; DOI: 10.12208/j.aif.20190004 .

Internet Financial Risks and Countermeasures

作者: 徐艳*,


*通讯作者: 徐艳,单位:北方工业大学经济管理学院;

引用本文: 徐艳*,. 互联网金融风险及对策[J]. 国际金融进展, 2019; 1: (2) : -.
Published: 2019/6/17 11:56:37



关键词: 互联网金融;金融风险;风险对策


With the continuous development of the times, Internet technology has begun to make new breakthroughs in various fields, especially the financial industry combined with the Internet. As a striking emerging industry, China's Internet finance can be said to be very developed. Rapidly, in the continuous development stage, it has a greater impact on the traditional financial industry. Similarly, its own financial risks are also increasing. The Internet finance industry will have the characteristics between 'Internet' and 'finance'. The combination has been carried out, so Internet finance must strengthen its legal supervision, technical security on the Internet, and trust perception.

Key words: internet finance; financial risk; risk countermeasure

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