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Advances in International Finance. 2019; 1: (1) 3; DOI: 10.12208/j.aif.20190003 .

Progress of International Financial Regulatory Reform and China's Institutional Expectations

作者: 许佳月*, 王 怡


*通讯作者: 许佳月,单位:电子科技大学经济与管理学院;

引用本文: 王 怡. 国际金融监管改革进展与我国的制度期待[J]. 国际金融进展, 2019; 1: (1) : -.
Published: 2019/2/18 7:54:28


本文通过论述国际金融监管改革进展与我国的制度期待这一 内容,可以清晰直观地了解到,当前我国的国际金融监管体 制存在诸多的漏洞,尤其是在金融业高速发展的前提下,金 融监管机制跟不上或者不适应经营模式的改革,无法有效控 制市场局面,如果不能很快进行监管体制的改革发展,那么 有可能导致金融监管重叠,导致金融市场形成泡沫局面,最 终将会引发金融危机,为了避免形成这样的惨状,必须要及 时进行改革发展,稳固这一局面。基于此,本文重点通过分 析国际金融改革进展的趋势与现状,进而为我国形成完备的 制度提供期待性。

关键词: 国际金融;改革进展;制度期待


By discussing the progress of international financial regulatory reform and China's institutional expectations, this paper can clearly and intuitively understand that there are many loopholes in China's current international financial regulatory system, especially under the premise of rapid development of the financial industry. The regulatory mechanism can not keep up with or not adapt to the reform of the business model, and can not effectively control the market situation. If the reform and development of the regulatory system cannot be carried out quickly, it may lead to overlapping financial supervision, leading to a bubble in the financial market, which will eventually trigger financial In order to avoid such a horrible situation, the crisis must be reformed and developed in a timely manner to stabilize this situation. Based on this, this paper focuses on analyzing the trend and current situation of international financial reform progress, and then provides expectation for the formation of a complete system in China.

Key words: international financial; reform progress; institutional expectation

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